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    Unfortunately, Illinois Death Records can?t be viewed by the public whenever they wish to. Only those who have personal and property rights can get a copy for themselves. Those requestors who are not directly related to the deceased should show first a letter or document made by the office which is asking for the death certificate before a copy will be released to them.Accounts that were filed from 1916 to 20 years ago are being kept in the Illinois Department of Public Health. Even the county clerk of the county, where the incident occurred, holds those files that contain these same details. Uncertified copies of the document can be obtained for a lesser amount only, compared with the certified ones. Another thing, only family members can get copies of certificates which were filed not more than 20 years ago.Always keep in mind that being prepared with important details before starting the search would simplify things. Basic details that you should gather beforehand are the deceased?s complete name, date of death, where it took place, and your relationship. Also, you have to include in your request form the reason behind your search, your daytime contact number with the area code, a handwritten signature, and the complete mailing address.Other offices in the state of Illinois also keep the records according to the date they were put on file. Those documents which were stored before January 1, 1916 are also released by the county clerk of the county where the individual died. Moreover, accounts for this same date are also maintained at the Illinois Regional Archives Depository system.Each file report that will be released to the requestor has a due amount. A policy was released and approved stating that whether the search created valid results or not, the fee will not be refunded. You can process your request through mail, fax, online, or in-person. But take note, if you opt to request through the government; expect to wait for more days before you will receive the results.Death Records normally reveal the dead person?s complete name, the names of the decedent?s father and mother and their birthplaces, information about the spouse, and the place of burial. As years went by, people have found the internet as the best way of getting these certificates. Paying a small fee online can provide you all the information that you need in a very short period of time.